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Open Weekdays 7:30–5:00
Closed Saturday, Closed Sunday

New to Annie's Baked Goods?

The Annie's team

Who We Are

We are (left to right) Jeanne, Echo, Sharon, Kayla, and Annie. Annie, Echo, and Sharon concentrate on the baking. Kayla and Jeanne specialize in taking care of our customers. Together, we work hard to provide our customers with the very best baked goods and service we can.

What We Do

Annie's Baked Goods isn't a traditional bakery. We don't serve donuts, for instance. Annie's isn't a coffee shop, either. In fact, Annie's doesn't even have a customer area inside the building.

Annie's Baked Goods was created as a personal bakery. The goal is to provide fresh, quality baked goods to order to those without the time or the inclination to bake. It's true that there are things we cannot make, but we do our best to meet the varied needs of our customers. And even if we've never made something before, we're glad to give it a try for the sake of our customers.

It turned out, however, that someone might need something last minute, or on the go. We want to provide baked goods to those people, too. So, we do. We have a daily menu of products available immediately, as long as they last (look in the ABG News! box above during business hours for a downloadable copy of the daily menu).

The Annie's crew loves helping our new customers understand how things work at Annie's. Feel free to stop by the shop and say hi! For your convenience, feel free to use the Annie's drive-thru window located on the east side of the building.

Where We Are

The Annie's shopWe're located at the southeast corner of the roundabout at the intersection of Plett Road and 13th Street in Cadillac, Michigan. Annie's is at the north end of the building.