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Weekdays 7:30–5:00, Saturday 8:00–noon
Closed Sunday

Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers

How do I place an order? You can call or text (231) 920-0509, stop by the Plett Road location, message through Facebook or Instagram, or use the order feature or top products feature on this website. We do ask for a minimum 3 business days lead time for all custom orders. Top↑

Do you offer anything vegan? No, at this time we do not. Top↑

Do you offer anything gluten free? Yes, we do have a few options. Please contact us to learn more. Top↑

Do you make wedding cakes? We do not. However, we make lots of cupcakes for weddings. Top↑

Do you make birthday or special occasion cakes? Yes, but we do not offer themed cakes. Top↑

Do you offer full cheesecakes? Yes, please contact us for flavor options. Top↑

Do you deliver? Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver at this time. Top↑

Are any of your baked goods sugar free? Our quiche and Stromboli are the only items that would be sugar free (however, the yeast bread for the Stromboli does have a bit of sugar in it). Top↑

If I don't have time to custom order, do you have dessert options on hand? We try to keep whole items and items by the dozen on hand for those unexpected times when you don’t have time to order. Contact us to see what is currently available on our Grab and Go menu. Top↑

Can you provide a gender reveal cake? We have made both gender reveal cakes and cupcakes. Top↑

How much notice do you need for larger orders (i.e., wedding, open house, etc.) We ask for you to get on our calendar as soon as you know you will be using Annie's services but don’t need final details (flavors, quantities) until two weeks before the event. Top↑

When are cinnamon rolls available? Our cinnamon rolls are made fresh every Thursday for purchase individually or in multiples. If you want a dozen (or more than one dozen), they may be ordered for pick up any business day with a 3 business days lead time. Top↑