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Your Personal Baker


Who I Am

You might be wondering … what is a Personal Baker? It just might even be a term I invented based on my desires.

All of my adult life I have worked outside the home and during those years, I observed so many women who commented that they wished they had time to bake. Life can be grueling and we all have to pick and choose but baking for most of us seems like a luxury or a chore. So … I thought, “maybe I could bake for them and relieve their frustration while doing what I love.” I realized, I could be a Personal Baker.

Why Baking Is A Passion

I grew up in a home where baking from scratch was part of the daily routine and I naturally assumed a desire to continue in the big footsteps that my mother made. I have also tried (with great success) to pass that on to my children. Any one of them could stand beside me and bake and I am proud of them for that.

Fancy I am not. In fact, I tell people that I am a bit of a country bumpkin baker. I don’t do fancy cakes or cookies but my aim is to serve up all things delicious.

This crazy idea of being a Personal Baker began in December 2016, as a cottage home business. I am thankful for the many of you who have tried and tasted my goods which has been fun for me and hopefully has brought a smile to your face. I love that my joy of baking is enjoyed by you and your family but I hope that in some small way, my joy brings a blessing to you.

My Vision

My vision is not to be a traditional bakery but a baker who bakes what YOU want. Although I may bake to spur on ideas, I will give you new recipes to break you out of your rut, I will sell you the extras from other orders, my real joy is to bake what sounds and tastes good to you. I love to picture you sipping your coffee and enjoying a treat from Annie's.

How This Works

So … I will bake for you but I ask for a minimum 3 business days lead time so that I can be sure I have the ingredients needed and can schedule your request in my baking queue. If you request something that I don’t feel qualified to bake, I will be honest and tell you rather than disappoint you. You can order here or here, through texting or calling me at (231) 920-0509, or through a Facebook or Instagram message.

Your Personal Baker,
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